Emperor Isengrim III

In-Game Information

Gender Male
Species Toad
Alias/es The Emperor
Weapon/s  ?
Current Status Alive

Real World Infomation

Appearance/s Stories: The Path of Destinies

The Emperor Isengrim III's is the main antagonist of Stories: The Path of Destinies, he’s have an adopted daughter that Reynardo met in Sword fu school.


"Isengrim III is the current emperor. He was a shy and humble toad and many did not expect to ascend to the throne when his father died. He was a scholar and, like his father, had a profound love for books. He'd even built universities."

"However, that was the Emperor at the beginning of his reign. Recently, he has been acting a bit... odd. He has raised an army of Ravens and built a massive fleet of airships."

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